Elliot McHugh - Director

"Lifestyle Warehouse for me is a brand that enables people to feel a sense of pride about their living space. It sits alongside our main website, Trade Warehouse, which sells in the garden & construction niche. Together they form Trade Circle Holdings Ltd.

Our vision is to bring 'light' to households around the UK, fusing design and quality craftmanship to create warm household settings. In a fast paced world, sometimes we need a cosy living space to unwind and relax with loved ones.

All of the products on our website have been carefully selected to align with our brand vision, and we work with premium suppliers to ensure quality products are delivered to customers every day."

About Us

Life is a race against time. It's the time we spend with our loved ones, the places we grow up and the memories associated with items that make up our home. Maybe it is a fight for the remote over the sofa, photo frames over a hallway table, a pillow fight on the bed, or a cracked mirror after playing a ball game.

"A house is just a property. A home is there to spark emotions and memories."

Lifestyle Warehouse is a modern, eco-conscious online furniture shop that helps you create the house of your dreams. Our carefully selected products from premium UK-based suppliers are of exceptional quality and craftmanship. As a company, our mission is to create and offer quality furnishings at an affordable price.


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