Tips to Practice Social Distancing Even While at Home Lucent Decors

Due to the current coronavirus pandemic, the NHS (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) advises us to practice social distancing. This means keeping 6 feet (2 meters) away from other people outside of your home. However, social distancing also means avoiding group or mass gatherings in general. To practice social distancing indoors, some of us are spending a lot of time at home and don't have to maintain that distance from one another. We may want to practice social distancing in other circumstances at home, and if we do, here are some easy ways to practice social distancing in your home.

Tips to Practice Social Distancing Even While at Home

1 - Netflix and chill (at opposite ends of the sofa)

When you think about it, a sofa is a semi-public place, and it's an open invitation to cuddle and get cosy. So by moving your body away from the others in the room with you, you can create a buffer zone for social distancing.

2 - Socially-distant date night

When you're dating, whether you're newlyweds or have been dating for years, some nights you want to spend quality time together, and other nights you don't. Social distancing is the perfect time for a date night. It just means doing things apart from one another. So for a few hours, you go to the movie, then go out for dinner, then go to the concert, and then separate ways at the end of the night. This will give each of you a small amount of social distance.

3 - Don't cuddle while sleeping

This one may sound obvious, but if you sleep with someone, you may feel compelled to spoon or cuddle. If you're trying to get away from them for a short time period, or you're travelling and need to sleep in separate beds, this is a great way to practice social distancing.

4 - Separate sitting areas

If you're trying to practice social distancing and you have a small space, you can create a buffer zone by using a divider like a bookshelf or privacy screen. You can read a book or watch TV while they are on the other side of the divider. You may be comfortable sitting together, but don't feel obligated.

5 - Set chairs at a distance from each other

Another way to practice social distancing is to give each person some space. For example, if you have a small house and you and your spouse like to sit on the couch and watch TV together, you can give yourself some space and set two chairs apart from each other on the same side of the sofa. You may be uncomfortable with this at first, but it's a great way to dip your toe into the pool of social distancing.


Social distancing is not magic protection from becoming ill from the current coronavirus pandemic, but it is a way to help delay the symptoms of the illness. Our bodies need some social interaction, but if you are trying to avoid the symptoms of the coronavirus, practising social distancing may be a great way to help you avoid getting ill.

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