Our Environmental Commitment

At Lucent Decors, every day we are striving to become a more sustainabile business. We recognise the impact of transporting furniture products in the UK, and the pressures on our ecosystems brought about from climate change. Here are some of our key promises:

·  We will minimise our waste and regularly evaluate our efficiency as a company. Currently we are a net zero company.

·  We will actively promote recycling to our customers and staff

· For every order made with us, we will plant a free tree in your name, in partnership with Tree Nation.

· We will meet/exceed the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

More About Us

Our Partnership with Tree Nation

We have partnered with Tree Nation, who has already planted over 10 million trees this year alone. Thanks to their reforestation and conservation projects, Tree Nation has helped to restore forests, create jobs, support local communities and protect biodiversity. They work with over 12,000 companies worldwide and we're proud to be one of them!

For every order you make, we will plant a free tree in your name.

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Why Do We Plant Trees?

At Lucent Decors, our goal is to offer great products at competitive prices, but we also think it's important to take care of the planet whilst we're at it.

Not just to offset our CO2 emissions, but also to contribute to the re-growing of wildlife habitats and raising awareness of the threat our ecosystems are under.

Being an online-only company, we understand that shipping furniture items will have some environmental consequences. That's why we feel it's our job to do something about that.

Society's shift towards online shopping is taking its toll on our planet, so we wanted to make a positive contribution whilst also involving our customers in the process!

That is why we will plant one tree with every purchased item on our eCommerce store. As mentioned above, we have partnered with Tree nation, an organisation dedicated to fighting climate change.

Tree-nation is the reforestation platform that gathers in one place the largest number of tree planting projects around the world. The organisation offers people the possibility to select from over 300 different tree species which can be planted in 70 different reforestation projects located on 4 different continents. In every project, the species are carefully selected according to the specific benefits they bring to the environment and the local population. Each tree planted on the Tree-nation platform is assigned its unique URL, which means the species, the location, the plantation project information and the CO2 compensation values can be tracked throughout the lifetime of the tree.

With four major projects in Nicaragua, Colombia, Niger and Madagascar, and with over 110000 people and 1000 companies engaged, we believe this organisation can make a meaningful impact on a global scale. Please visit our Tree-nation page to learn more about our impact.

How Does This Work If I Order?

So you've made a purchase or are thinking of making a purchase at our store, fantastic! After you've placed your order you will first receive a confirmation email from us about your order, with a receipt of your purchase.

You will also receive a separate email with the title: Lucent Decors offered you a tree on tree-nation, we will plant 1 tree for every order. If you do not see it in your inbox, please check under promotions or your spam inbox.

The email will look like the image on the left and will contain a link that will take you to our tree nation page where you can plant your tree.

The Tree Is Planted!

Once you've planted your tree, you will see a page like this (see the image on the right). It will remain on our Tree Nation profile, with your name.

You can leave us a message or even share it on your social media in one click.

Information About The Planted Tree

Read about the species of the tree you planted, its CO2 offset and which planting project you contributed to.

You can also see its location on the map!

Tree Planting Certificate

You can also download your own tree certificate with all the information.

You have now officially contributed to this conservation project in Eden projects, Madagascar by planting a tree. This tree will offset 40kg of CO2 in its lifetime.

Cool right? Now lets work together and start reforesting the planet.


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